Birthday Boy!

Guess what? My birthday is today. In addition, you know how I like to treat myself, a new pair of Air Max, in three different colors. Among a few other things but those are not important.

Now I have to coordinate my party outfit. I was going to ask my best friend Naomi, but iml afraid all she would do is laugh. If I was to help her pick out my clothes. She is so use to me being nonchalant when it comes to choosing an ensemble.

Anyway what to wear, what to wear. I think I may do a dark demon with a v-neck light gray t-shirt. Alternatively, maybe my gray and purple button down shirt.

Yes, I think I will go with my oxford style light gray and purple striped shirt. Along with my matte black deep-sea diver, watch that runs on kinetic energy.

Yes, I think that is it, it is my birthday I mean if that is a time to class it up, then I do not know when. This should be a fun night out with the people. Enjoying the good life. Of being young and successful.

Well, at least I have the young part right!

Now that I have my outfit pick out all I have to do is get a haircut and have my beard trim. This will be a birthday I will not soon forget.

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