I love Nike

I have a problem, I know I am an Air Max junkie and I do not intend to stop it.

Just be glad that I do not have any other vices that could pose more of a problem.

Now to talk about the new releases. With a new year, there will be a few new releases and limited editions coming out this year. For those that are aware you will be pleasantly surprise by the creativity Nike have shown with this new batch. For those new to the Nike Air Max world—welcome! You are in for a treat!

ID Running Shoe

This shoe is sweet, it is completely customizable. That means you have an exclusive just your style shoe. They came in a multitude of colors and patterns. When I say custom, I mean custom. If ordered directly from Nike you can pick out the base, lining and underlay, the type and color of your laces, how you want your swoosh to look like to the tongue.

Nike has really outdone themselves with this shoe!

Now this shoe is really, what Nike is trying to be about. New, hip, and what everyone wants uniqueness. With this shoe, you do not have to worry about running into someone with the exact same shoe as you in the grocery line. I know that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot count the number of shoes resigned to the closest because someone else had the exact same pair.

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