The Fire

Can you believe it, my building caught on fire this morning? It was so crazy. My alarm clock had just went off and I was starting to prepare for work. Checking out what I was going to wear that day.

I hate this part of getting ready trying to find something to wear. I always tell myself to lay my clothes out the night before yet I never do it.

Anyway. There I was getting ready when I kept hearing this loud shrill. It was such a stage sound one that I had not heard before. It scared the mess out of me. I literally jumped like three feet in the air. No lie.

I start looking out the windows, not seeing too much of nothing I peep out into the hall. That is when I saw this smoke billowing from the elevator. Alarmed I ran back into my house and put some pants on grabbed my favorite pair of Airman, well my favorite three pairs then hauled butt up out of there.

As I am gathering my stuff to bust up out there, I hear a banging on my door. My neighbor down the hall is alarming everyone that there is a small fire in the elevator. That everyone must get out.

That they are evacuating the building. It was a mad house everyone rushing to get out. Holding onto their possessions.

Luckily, there was just a little smoke damage. Nothing too major.

Thank God.

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