Valentine Sneakers

Let me tell you something about myself. Something I do not normally talk about. Not in my personal life anyway. However, in this blog, I feel comfortable to be myself. Like I am just talking to my peeps.

After a deep sigh. I just wanted to say that I love, love. My favorite holiday of all time is valentines. I love the possibility of finding someone that loves you unconditionally, someone that will be with you, hold you down, and pick you up. What is wrong with that? A built in, live in super best friend. Sound like a great idea to me.

Although I am not marry yet, I am quite optimistic of going soon. When I do, I will shower my girl with beautiful gifts and a wonderful life. Whoever she is.

This leads me to my next purchase of Nike Air Max. The Valentine Edition. The love sneakers if you will. Have you seen them? They are sweet. The male and female versions are equally amazing. Definitely going on my shopping list.

Anyone wishing to get them better act fast. When these type of limited editions come out, they are limited. Only a few thousands will be made and distributed throughout the entire world.

I have been on the waiting list since last February on the fourteenth.

Exactly I have been waiting an entire year for a pair of shoes.

I love it, each year they are slightly different. And yes, I am already on the waiting list for next year’s lover’s shoe.

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