Time for a new pair of sandals

Man, today was a good day. I sound just like Cube, right.

Anyway, it was beautiful out, especially considering we are only in February, I ember last year at this time we were still experiencing snow days, ice days, and super freeze days. Oh yea, it was cold.

Today I was outside playing ball. To think this morning I did my run outside and not in my apartment on the treadmill. I have to say that I loved it. I love running anywhere, really, but since I started running seventeen years ago I have always preferred the great outdoors.

Which got me to thinking that I need some sandals. I went to put on my old ones to day to step outside for the mail. When the strap thing that goes across your foot is hanging on by a thread. Yes, it is time for a change. I guess now is as good of time as any; I mean it has been six years since I bought a new pair.

I thought about re-ordering the same sandals. I bought them from the Nike Store. Air max slides. If you are looking for a good athletic sandal that can be worn all day, then go with a pair of Air Max.

After viewing all the new styles and colors, I have decided to get a fresh look. I mean they have so many sweet colors, why not.

Heck, I might even pick up two pairs.

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