Air max are my favorite

Man, I was running this morning as I do every morning. Thank God, it was another warm morning.

Well, as warm as it is going to get this February!

It was such a beautiful morning. There was dew on the lawns, the air smell fresh and crisp. A lovely pine smell. Birds was chirping the squirrels racing across the lawns. Let me tell you those squirrels are nothing to sneeze at, many of them was almost out running me! Well maybe not that fast but they are fast. I love running in the morning! By far the best time ever.

As I was saying, I am running and running. Really in the zone. According to my Fit Bit my heart rate, wash in the perfect range. Which is amazing, I was breathing great. Just started working up a sweat. Feeling great, you know.

Then out of nowhere, I hear a snap. My shoelace on my left Air Max snag on a twig that I did not see. Wrapped itself around it and snapped. Now one of my shoes is slightly off kilter. With a shortened shoelace.

I was able to make a very small bow. Some way to tie it up so I can continue my run.

As soon as I made it home, I went into my closest. Luckily, these particular shoes came with two sets of laces. Depending on which color you want to highlight, you can choose the lace to go with it. Quite nice, I know.

I change my laces, clean my shoes, they are ready for tomorrow morning run.

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