Amazing moment for mankind, really

My boy and I was talking last night after a quick basketball game. Nothing in particular just catching up of different stuff because with our schedules we have not been able to really kick it like that. What can I say it is the way of any adult life? Time gets away and it is hard to get back.

Back to what we were talking about that provoke this blog post.

As we were talking, I look over to my left at something that I had caught my eye. I noticed my friend saw the same thing because he looked over as well. I ask him if he seen what I seen. He said yea he did.

As we were talking there, was an older man crossing the street? He was stopped at the light on the corner. Then as he went into the street, off the curb, he slipped. Both of us gasped. It happen so fast there really was not anything for either of us to do.

However, get this. As he seem as if he was going to bite the pavement, hard. Possibly breaking a bone, like a hip or something. This kid, he could not been older than thirteen came out of nowhere.

He quickly sprinted to the old man and grabbed him before he or his can could touch the ground. I mean literally it was like watching, that Marvel Comic character, Flash, in action.

This kid was amazing. It was so nice to see someone so young do something so selfless.

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