One cold day in February

It  sure was cold last night. I mean I look out the window and there is fronts on my windows in the bedroom. As I wake up I am noticing smoke. Yes, I can see my breath. What in the world is going on here? I am so confuse. It is not as if I am sleeping outside. I live in a house, a well-insulated and normally warm house. However, not last night apparently.

When I woke up this morning, my house felt like a freezer. As if it was so shocking, I mean I did not wake up because of my alarm going off but I was too cold to continue sleeping. Yes, the cold was my alarm clock.

Sometime during the night, my furnace stopped working. I have no idea what it could be; it worked before I went to sleep. I know it did otherwise I would have called someone last night to my house to check this mess out. All these years this thing has not given me any problems.

Every summer the air comes on, it cools my home beautifully, and during the winter, my furnace has kept me warm and cozy. Without skipping a beat. I love my house and everything in it. For the past few years, it has not given me any issues or problems.

Immediately I got on my phone called around looking for a great heating and cooling tech to come out and service my system. After talking to some friends and relative, then looking online for a reputable HVAC company, everyone kept mentioning one. Like it is the hottest one out here.

J.R. HVAC Team. Everyone and I do mean everyone kept giving me the same name. Not one said anything different. Well, I did get a few names, names of havc services to not call. Which is great because I need to know who to avoid as well as who to go to.

With so many different companies out there, one cannot be too careful about whom you trust and whom you let in your home. Hearing everyone’s good praises, I immediately call.

I am so level I called the heating contractor that answer the phone was super nice and they were able to get someone at my house in thirty minutes or less.

I love them, they are the best. Definitely will be calling them again.

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