Its been a long tiem, some may say too long. Since my last post. Boy have so much have changed. From my hairstyle and color, to my address, and my personal and financial life. I cannot believe what all have taken place since the last time I blogged.

Speaking about my blogging, I would like to apologize to all of my readers; I have slacked off in my duties to you. To provide you with fresh and new blogs consistently and without fail. Allowing the readers to benefit from my knowledge and welcome you all into my world. My very chaotic and random world of clothes, shoes, family, and fun.

Well, I guess I will take it from the top of all of the changes that have been facing and implementing into my life.

Another birthday has passed, making me another year older. This aging stuff really got me to think about my future, in particular my financial future. Now is the time to start saving for the future and settling. I mean I am not getting any younger.

I do not want to be that person that enjoys his younger unattached years to be raped by penalties and the high risk of short-term investments. I made a promise to myself to start to prepare now.

The first move in this planning is to get a new place. The lease of my apartment has just run out so I moved just last week. In fact, I bought a condominium.

Next, downsizing my Airmax.

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