About Zane

There are so many blogs out there dedicated to women fashions. I mean those gals have the market on lock. From shoes, to hair, clothes, you name they have a blog for it and damn if it isn’t crisp, clean, and professional. Even those amateur blogs look nice.

Well, I am not a GQ type of dude. I just know what I like. For me that is enough. NO thrills and no frills. Just simple, comfortable, and not too bad to look at.

Not too long ago I was getting ready to go out with my friends. I had just bought these new sneakers, they were sweet. Multi colored Nike Air Max. I loved them; I am telling you it was truly love at first sight.

Then I came home and I could not figure out what should I wear with them. I mean it was not as I was about to go to the gym or something where I could wear any old thing. I wanted to be somewhat presentable and wear my new shoes. Shoes like that were made to be seen, not hid in my closet waiting for the perfect outfit.

What is worse is could not believe that even cared about such things. Man, I must be getting old or something. Not too long ago I would have thrown anything, without even caring. Now look at me now having a clothing selection dilemma.

I did what I always do when I need an answer for something, online search.

There was nothing, until now.

My name is Zane and this is my blog.