Its been a long tiem, some may say too long. Since my last post. Boy have so much have changed. From my hairstyle and color, to my address, and my personal and financial life. I cannot believe what all have taken place since the last time I blogged.

Speaking about my blogging, I would like to apologize to all of my readers; I have slacked off in my duties to you. To provide you with fresh and new blogs consistently and without fail. Allowing the readers to benefit from my knowledge and welcome you all into my world. My very chaotic and random world of clothes, shoes, family, and fun.

Well, I guess I will take it from the top of all of the changes that have been facing and implementing into my life.

Another birthday has passed, making me another year older. This aging stuff really got me to think about my future, in particular my financial future. Now is the time to start saving for the future and settling. I mean I am not getting any younger.

I do not want to be that person that enjoys his younger unattached years to be raped by penalties and the high risk of short-term investments. I made a promise to myself to start to prepare now.

The first move in this planning is to get a new place. The lease of my apartment has just run out so I moved just last week. In fact, I bought a condominium.

Next, downsizing my Airmax.

One cold day in February

It  sure was cold last night. I mean I look out the window and there is fronts on my windows in the bedroom. As I wake up I am noticing smoke. Yes, I can see my breath. What in the world is going on here? I am so confuse. It is not as if I am sleeping outside. I live in a house, a well-insulated and normally warm house. However, not last night apparently.

When I woke up this morning, my house felt like a freezer. As if it was so shocking, I mean I did not wake up because of my alarm going off but I was too cold to continue sleeping. Yes, the cold was my alarm clock.

Sometime during the night, my furnace stopped working. I have no idea what it could be; it worked before I went to sleep. I know it did otherwise I would have called someone last night to my house to check this mess out. All these years this thing has not given me any problems.

Every summer the air comes on, it cools my home beautifully, and during the winter, my furnace has kept me warm and cozy. Without skipping a beat. I love my house and everything in it. For the past few years, it has not given me any issues or problems.

Immediately I got on my phone called around looking for a great heating and cooling tech to come out and service my system. After talking to some friends and relative, then looking online for a reputable HVAC company, everyone kept mentioning one. Like it is the hottest one out here.

J.R. HVAC Team. Everyone and I do mean everyone kept giving me the same name. Not one said anything different. Well, I did get a few names, names of havc services to not call. Which is great because I need to know who to avoid as well as who to go to.

With so many different companies out there, one cannot be too careful about whom you trust and whom you let in your home. Hearing everyone’s good praises, I immediately call.

I am so level I called the heating contractor that answer the phone was super nice and they were able to get someone at my house in thirty minutes or less.

I love them, they are the best. Definitely will be calling them again.

Amazing moment for mankind, really

My boy and I was talking last night after a quick basketball game. Nothing in particular just catching up of different stuff because with our schedules we have not been able to really kick it like that. What can I say it is the way of any adult life? Time gets away and it is hard to get back.

Back to what we were talking about that provoke this blog post.

As we were talking, I look over to my left at something that I had caught my eye. I noticed my friend saw the same thing because he looked over as well. I ask him if he seen what I seen. He said yea he did.

As we were talking there, was an older man crossing the street? He was stopped at the light on the corner. Then as he went into the street, off the curb, he slipped. Both of us gasped. It happen so fast there really was not anything for either of us to do.

However, get this. As he seem as if he was going to bite the pavement, hard. Possibly breaking a bone, like a hip or something. This kid, he could not been older than thirteen came out of nowhere.

He quickly sprinted to the old man and grabbed him before he or his can could touch the ground. I mean literally it was like watching, that Marvel Comic character, Flash, in action.

This kid was amazing. It was so nice to see someone so young do something so selfless.

Air max are my favorite

Man, I was running this morning as I do every morning. Thank God, it was another warm morning.

Well, as warm as it is going to get this February!

It was such a beautiful morning. There was dew on the lawns, the air smell fresh and crisp. A lovely pine smell. Birds was chirping the squirrels racing across the lawns. Let me tell you those squirrels are nothing to sneeze at, many of them was almost out running me! Well maybe not that fast but they are fast. I love running in the morning! By far the best time ever.

As I was saying, I am running and running. Really in the zone. According to my Fit Bit my heart rate, wash in the perfect range. Which is amazing, I was breathing great. Just started working up a sweat. Feeling great, you know.

Then out of nowhere, I hear a snap. My shoelace on my left Air Max snag on a twig that I did not see. Wrapped itself around it and snapped. Now one of my shoes is slightly off kilter. With a shortened shoelace.

I was able to make a very small bow. Some way to tie it up so I can continue my run.

As soon as I made it home, I went into my closest. Luckily, these particular shoes came with two sets of laces. Depending on which color you want to highlight, you can choose the lace to go with it. Quite nice, I know.

I change my laces, clean my shoes, they are ready for tomorrow morning run.

Time for a new pair of sandals

Man, today was a good day. I sound just like Cube, right.

Anyway, it was beautiful out, especially considering we are only in February, I ember last year at this time we were still experiencing snow days, ice days, and super freeze days. Oh yea, it was cold.

Today I was outside playing ball. To think this morning I did my run outside and not in my apartment on the treadmill. I have to say that I loved it. I love running anywhere, really, but since I started running seventeen years ago I have always preferred the great outdoors.

Which got me to thinking that I need some sandals. I went to put on my old ones to day to step outside for the mail. When the strap thing that goes across your foot is hanging on by a thread. Yes, it is time for a change. I guess now is as good of time as any; I mean it has been six years since I bought a new pair.

I thought about re-ordering the same sandals. I bought them from the Nike Store. Air max slides. If you are looking for a good athletic sandal that can be worn all day, then go with a pair of Air Max.

After viewing all the new styles and colors, I have decided to get a fresh look. I mean they have so many sweet colors, why not.

Heck, I might even pick up two pairs.

Valentine Sneakers

Let me tell you something about myself. Something I do not normally talk about. Not in my personal life anyway. However, in this blog, I feel comfortable to be myself. Like I am just talking to my peeps.

After a deep sigh. I just wanted to say that I love, love. My favorite holiday of all time is valentines. I love the possibility of finding someone that loves you unconditionally, someone that will be with you, hold you down, and pick you up. What is wrong with that? A built in, live in super best friend. Sound like a great idea to me.

Although I am not marry yet, I am quite optimistic of going soon. When I do, I will shower my girl with beautiful gifts and a wonderful life. Whoever she is.

This leads me to my next purchase of Nike Air Max. The Valentine Edition. The love sneakers if you will. Have you seen them? They are sweet. The male and female versions are equally amazing. Definitely going on my shopping list.

Anyone wishing to get them better act fast. When these type of limited editions come out, they are limited. Only a few thousands will be made and distributed throughout the entire world.

I have been on the waiting list since last February on the fourteenth.

Exactly I have been waiting an entire year for a pair of shoes.

I love it, each year they are slightly different. And yes, I am already on the waiting list for next year’s lover’s shoe.

The Fire

Can you believe it, my building caught on fire this morning? It was so crazy. My alarm clock had just went off and I was starting to prepare for work. Checking out what I was going to wear that day.

I hate this part of getting ready trying to find something to wear. I always tell myself to lay my clothes out the night before yet I never do it.

Anyway. There I was getting ready when I kept hearing this loud shrill. It was such a stage sound one that I had not heard before. It scared the mess out of me. I literally jumped like three feet in the air. No lie.

I start looking out the windows, not seeing too much of nothing I peep out into the hall. That is when I saw this smoke billowing from the elevator. Alarmed I ran back into my house and put some pants on grabbed my favorite pair of Airman, well my favorite three pairs then hauled butt up out of there.

As I am gathering my stuff to bust up out there, I hear a banging on my door. My neighbor down the hall is alarming everyone that there is a small fire in the elevator. That everyone must get out.

That they are evacuating the building. It was a mad house everyone rushing to get out. Holding onto their possessions.

Luckily, there was just a little smoke damage. Nothing too major.

Thank God.

Air Max’s for the Little Guy

Tomorrow is my nephew, Tommy, birthday. He will be five years old. I cannot believe how fast the time has passed. It seems like just yesterday he was born then he is a big boy. Going to school, reading, writing his name. He is the most wonderful boy in the world and what is better is that he looks just like me.

My sister often says that he looks as if I could have gave birth to him!

He is my little man. What is more is he simply adores Nike Air Max. Whenever he comes over to my house, he likes to try on my shoes as if he can fit them. I promised him that this year, if he did well in school that I would buy him a pair of his very own Nike Air Max.

He was so excited! Last week he ever so gently reminded me of my promise. Telling me the colors, he wants, how to customize them, and if I can have his name stitched into them. For a kid, this little guy is very specific and demanding.

For the past few weeks, I have been online scouring for the perfect pair of shows for my little man. No price too steep for him, whatever it cost he will have exactly what he wants.

After a few days, I found the perfect pair. I had to order them online, customized them to his specifications, and then pick them up in my favorite shoe store. Burn Rubber.

He is going to love them!

I love Nike

I have a problem, I know I am an Air Max junkie and I do not intend to stop it.

Just be glad that I do not have any other vices that could pose more of a problem.

Now to talk about the new releases. With a new year, there will be a few new releases and limited editions coming out this year. For those that are aware you will be pleasantly surprise by the creativity Nike have shown with this new batch. For those new to the Nike Air Max world—welcome! You are in for a treat!

ID Running Shoe

This shoe is sweet, it is completely customizable. That means you have an exclusive just your style shoe. They came in a multitude of colors and patterns. When I say custom, I mean custom. If ordered directly from Nike you can pick out the base, lining and underlay, the type and color of your laces, how you want your swoosh to look like to the tongue.

Nike has really outdone themselves with this shoe!

Now this shoe is really, what Nike is trying to be about. New, hip, and what everyone wants uniqueness. With this shoe, you do not have to worry about running into someone with the exact same shoe as you in the grocery line. I know that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot count the number of shoes resigned to the closest because someone else had the exact same pair.

Don’t Get Faked Out with a Fake

When shopping for Nike Air Max, especially online there are a few things you want to be aware of when deciding to buy from an unknown person. That is not to say that everyone online is out to cheat you but one must be wary and ware that it does happen.

However, there are a few things to spot, that are sure-fire signs that what you are seeing is not the real deal. I would hate for anyone trying to enjoy a great pair of Nike is to be ripped off trying to save a few dollars. To me that is just not fair. So be aware and err on the side of caution.

The first thing you should always look at when buying anything online are the reviews. It is what makes or breaks a seller. If the site you are do not offer any reviews, if the ones there seem a little too perfect, or if they are all or a majority of them are negative. Then that is a big fat no in my book. It is not worth the time, money, and effort to deal with those type of people. Just move on.

Always look for pictures. No pictures, then no sale.

If there are pictures check out the quality of stitching, if things look as if they are glued on or sewed on, is the stitch fraying or falling apart in any way.


All these are clues that it is time to walk away.