Save a dollar, spend a dollar

I love my Nike Air Max, more than any other pair of shoes that I have ever owned. I mean each pair that I have offer comfort, style, and a unique and wild pallet of colors. I mean they are amazing and there is a color to match whatever you decided to wear.

However, I realized that they could add up after a while. Last month after visiting my accountant, he informed that a third of my income was being spent on these shoes. That I need to curve, my spending or I will not have that much to show for in terms of my savings.

Now I am looking for different places where I can still enjoy few new pairs of Air Max without the added strained on my dollars. I mean I would like some type of savings for buying a house, starting a new business, or something.

My parents have taught me since I understand the value of dollar the importance of putting a little something aside for a rainy day. At the rate I am going, if its rain then I would just drown.

Outlet shopping

This is a great way to score many nice things at a marked down price. This is my newfound love, shopping at outlet malls. You can buy anything from sporting gear, clothes, furniture, tools, whatever floats your boat. Its defiantly great place to buy unique and nice gifts.

Shop around

This is self-explanatory; always check what other places are selling them for, many stores honor competitors prices.

Birthday Boy!

Guess what? My birthday is today. In addition, you know how I like to treat myself, a new pair of Air Max, in three different colors. Among a few other things but those are not important.

Now I have to coordinate my party outfit. I was going to ask my best friend Naomi, but iml afraid all she would do is laugh. If I was to help her pick out my clothes. She is so use to me being nonchalant when it comes to choosing an ensemble.

Anyway what to wear, what to wear. I think I may do a dark demon with a v-neck light gray t-shirt. Alternatively, maybe my gray and purple button down shirt.

Yes, I think I will go with my oxford style light gray and purple striped shirt. Along with my matte black deep-sea diver, watch that runs on kinetic energy.

Yes, I think that is it, it is my birthday I mean if that is a time to class it up, then I do not know when. This should be a fun night out with the people. Enjoying the good life. Of being young and successful.

Well, at least I have the young part right!

Now that I have my outfit pick out all I have to do is get a haircut and have my beard trim. This will be a birthday I will not soon forget.

Change It Up Every Once in Awhile

My go to clothes when I am going anywhere really is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Expect maybe in the summer then it is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Which is not a bad thing really. I like to be comfortable and I like things simple.

What I like more than jeans is athletic wear. I am always in the midst of doing something that requires me to able to move freely and be comfortable. For years, I worked at a gym where I eventually became a licensed trainer and neutrinos. Hence the constant wearing of athletic clothes.

However, that is not appropriate for all occasions. I am getting older, I would like to leave my house every occasionally without looking like a high school kid.

This year I have been trying different styles and outfits. All very versatile. You know, stuff that can be for going out with a woman friend, and then you can turn around and catch a basketball game in it. Trying to figure out how to balance everything in my wardrobe.

Because who likes to go shopping every month for clothes? I know I do not, in fact I hate shopping. I have everything that I can delivered to my house. Groceries, household stuff, toiletries. Thank God, for technology, right?

Anyway back to clothes, sometimes I like to mix it up a little by throwing on the slacks or something to give my day a little class.

I always pair everything with my signature shoes, Air Max.